Privacy Policy

Haggleco takes the security of your personal information very seriously. To run our business efficiently it is important for us to gather customer information.  We receive personal information directly from the customer to provide another person’s details as your own will be deemed unacceptable and fraudulent. Any personal information collected by Haggleco shall not be disclosed to any third party unrelated to the Haggleco business unless such a disclosure is authorised or required by law, or you have expressly consented to such disclosure. We may disclose your information to our service providers to assist us to resolve any issue you may have or to our external contractors if we require them to deliver or collect your goods.

The type of personal information we may collect from you is as follows:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Phone Number
  • Email address
  • Employment History and qualifications- if you apply for a career with us
  • As we offer several different finance options our various Financial Providers may require other relevant information

When purchasing goods online your information is recorded, this information is used primarily to allow delivery of the goods purchased and for us to contact you if required. It also allows us to assist you with any enquiries or complaints you may have or to contact you if you have placed an order with us.

Haggleco have put into place procedures to protect and secure the information we collect from you to eliminate the risk of any unauthorised access to this information. However, our website may contain links to other websites. If these links are used to leave our own site Haggleco do not have control over the other websites. If this is the case it is recommended to read the privacy policy for the website you are viewing as Haggleco will not be held responsible for the privacy and security of any information you may have provided whilst visiting these sites, as these sites are not governed by our own privacy policy.

PayPal Information along with information required by our other Service Providers is collected for the purpose of payments of products purchased at Haggleco and will be stored securely using PCI DSS compliant solution. This information will be masked on your account and will not be visible to Haggleco Customer Service operators. You may not pay or attempt to pay for product/s using fraudulent PayPal information or any other type of fraudulent Service Provider information, this is unacceptable and punishable by law.

Haggleco will not be responsible for any damage or consequential losses (directly or indirectly) suffered where a PayPal account or another service provider account is fraudulently used in a way which is not authorised.

When you register your personal details to place an order, a secure server is used. Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encrypts the information you send through this website. Haggleco does not take responsibility for the strength or effectiveness of that encryption and does not accept responsibility for events arising from unauthorised access for the information you provide.